What is Electrical Safety?


Electricity is invisible and one cannot contain and control its hazards. The only way is to prevent them and hence Lavis Engg strongly believes in implementing safety protections in every panel they make!

Some Electrical Myths

  • We have MCBs installed in our house; hence high voltage doesn’t occur!
  • We have installed a stabilizer for our TV; hence Surge Protection is not required!
  • We have earthing at home/office; hence earth leakage circuit breaker (RCD) is not required!
  • We have a 11 kV/415V transformer; hence over voltage doesn’t occur!
  • Whenever there is a over voltage, our MCBs will trip!
  • We don’t want the electrical board to be visible in our drawing room; hence we closed it with a decorative panel!
  • Three phase meters will result in higher power bills!
  • Our water motor has a starter; hence reverse sequence protection is not required!

Common Causes

Protect What Matters the Most!

Your kith and kin apart form your costly gadgets

Implement Safety


Integrated Mains Protection Unit (IMPU)
Auto Phase Sequence Corrector (APSC)
Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
1 Phase Auto Changeover Current Limit (ACCL)